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Video Conferencing

The world is moving faster than ever. People have had the ability to communicate across oceans and continents for decades. The fast pace of business today has made way for video conferencing to help our clients save time and money and still talk face-to-face. VC Rooms offers the latest video conferencing equipment that can connect to almost any place in the world.


VideoCam, like our other video conferencing solutions, make it convenient to meet face-to-face, but is done right on your desktop in the convenience of your office or meeting rooms. VideoCam is an internet based video conferencing software that will literally allow you to connect anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Court Reporting

A court reporter is a very skilled trade and takes only the best to produce accurate transcripts. This is why VC Rooms only hires the most skillful and professional reporters to cover our jobs. Court Reporters are critical to any legal proceeding or meeting. We know that these individuals will capture the spoken or recorded speech into a precise, verbatim record of what was said and sometimes expressed is needed.

The Choice is Clear

Why choose VC Rooms to handle you next important video conference, deposition, or meeting? That’s simple! VC Rooms handles everything for you and simplifies the process to provide you with an amazing video conference experience. Our broad range of solutions allows you to connect to almost any location across town, across the country, and even worldwide.

We provide:
Standard Video Conferencing | Web Based Video Conferencing |Court Reporting | Realtime Reporting | Digital Reporting | Video Depositions | Day-In-The-Life Videos | Insurance Inventory | Living Wills | Audio Forensics | Transcript / Video Synchronization


What People Say About VC Rooms

“It seems everything went off without a hitch. Thanks again for all your help. I will definitely keep y’all in mind for the future.”

Kathleen MillsKean Miller LLP

“I will tell you I am very happy with your response and service.”

Jo SmithEgon Zhender International

“The video conference interviews went extremely well! Thank you all, for the great coordination and hard work you made into making this possible.”

Marilyn L. Gilliam, Corporate VP of HR Novant Health

Video Conferencing


Court Reporting